WhP has a well established network of specialized vendors who translate into their native tongue, and who are well versed in translation and general localization tools. We work with approximately 300 partners on a regular basis, while our overall network of qualified resources totals more than 1,000 people.

A dedicated Vendor Management team constantly works on maintaining and expanding this pool through:

  • ongoing search for—and qualification of—new translators in reply to industry-specific demands
  • stable assignments to specific accounts
  • training on procedures and tools used by WhP and its customers

Our vendors are loyal to WhP because of the preferential treatment they receive. A new customer-vendor relationship requires time and mutual investment. The learning curve can be shortened, but never avoided. Changing translators frequently implies additional cost and effort, and incurs loss of time and quality. For these reasons, we strongly object to “translator swapping” or its final form, “job auctioning”, which seem to have become increasingly popular for low-level job assignments. Our vendors are assigned to specific accounts on a stable basis, allowing them to gain expertise in the corresponding field. Since we seek to match the account volume with the type of vendor, the added value of a network or SLV grouping several translators and able to deal with higher volumes is taken into account. Our prices are agreed on upfront and are never used to put translators in competition with one other. Our invoicing and payment process has been automated in order to assure regular, accurate issuing of PO’s and invoice processing. This approach results in a highly loyal base of translators who consider us as their preferred localization partner, one they will readily give priority to, and whose overall business and work values they share.

If you are a team of freelancers or an SLV with several years of business experience in IT, Telecom, Enterprise Software (ERP, CRM, SCM, HR), Business Intelligence, Travel and Tourism, Automation and Engineering, Management and Finance, Video Games or Life Sciences, please send us a mail with your profile, specifying:

  • language pairs and services offered
  • number and function of internal staff and external resources
  • educational background and special training
  • subject matter expertise areas
  • expertise in CAT and/or DTP/Engineering/Testing tools, including versions
  • hardware and software equipment
  • weekly capacities