As a result of its recognized expertise, the high quality of its services, and the size of its client base, WhP has established itself as a leading company in the field of localization. Compared with large LSP (Language Service Provider) and Translation Agency, WhP remains an excellent alternative:

Large LSP WhP Translation Agency Comments
Dedicated Project Manager with decision-making authority puce-avantage WhP Project Managers select and manage project teams directly.All WhP Project Managers  have direct access to the company CEO.
Periodic reporting puce-avantage puce-avantage WhP keeps customers updated on a daily or weekly basis in accordance with their specific needs. Business reviews are profromed on a quarterly basis.
Long-term collaboration and customer face  puce-quest-mark-table puce-avantage WhP’s three initial customers from 1994 are still among the company’s top 10 customers today.
In-depth knowledge of customer’s products and business structure puce-avantage WhP’s employees participate regularly in customer product training in order to improve customer service.
Tailored administrative process puce-avantage WhP tailors the administrative process to exactly fit each customer’s needs.
Language coverage puce-avantage puce-avantage WhP localizes into 50+ languages and can even add unusual language including exotic languages such as Greenlandic,Maltese and Faroese.
Services coverage puce-avantage puce-avantage WhP’s strategy is to provide a full set of services for its customers to ensure consistence.
Scalability puce-avantage puce-avantage WhP can deal with sudden volume growth due to our controlled outsourcing working model.
Versatility puce-avantage puce-quest-mark-table WhP’s dedicated  teams can quickly implement new languages, new processes and new services.
Process improvement advice puce-avantage puce-avantage WhP process improvement advice is done permanently as part of overall project management and through quarterly improvement plans.
Industry standards commitment puce-quest-mark-table puce-avantage WhP is actively promoting standards as part of process improvement and contributes to standards development through industry organizations.
CAT Tool expertise puce-avantage puce-avantage WhP helps optimize both quality and cost through advanced Translation Memory or Term Base Management.
Machine Translation Expertise  puce-quest-mark-table puce-avantage WhP has been working on Machine Translation since 2005 and can implement it with customer agreement on specific projects.
Competitive  prices puce-avantage puce-avantage Due to low overheads and efficient partnerships with external resources, WhP offers  cost-effective prices.
Optimized cost structure puce-avantage puce-avantage WhP provides its customers with optimized pricing based on actual content , volumes and quality expectation.
Professional resources selection and evaluation puce-avantage WhP excels in a strict selection and evaluation process of professional translators, engineering resources as well as voice talents.
Dedicated service level agreements puce-avantage WhP provides dedicated service level agreement on lingusitic quality and turn around time.
Linguistic assets ownership transfer puce-quest-mark-table puce-avantage WhP transfers all the IP rights for the linguistic assets ( Translation memory, style guides, Term bases) to its customers.
Excellent relationship with external partners puce-quest-mark-table puce-avantage WhP maintains an excellent relationship with its external partners with some of them working with us for 10+ years.