Localization requires dedicated technology expertise, target country cultural experts but mainly relies on language experts:

All our translators are Language experts

  • They are selected for their language expertise through a very strict process where only one candidate out of five passes. (link to vendor management)

WhP also rely on a team of Language leads which are high level experts of their language. They are in charge of:

  • Quality control of translations either as part of new translator selection or on-going evaluation
  • Building /reviewing language specific style guides or terminology in agreement with customers
  • Investigating linguistic feedback from customer if any
  • Measure linguistic quality SLAs and draw improvement plans when appropriate.
    We comply with the last available standard (LISA QA model V3) and support new initiatives such as TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework.[/checklist]


We, at Whp, have selected dedicated language leads for all languages, based on their academic background and experience. We have even built up a special process when unusual languages are quested (example Greenlandic or Faroese…)

Our linguistic process also relies on the assignment of In Coutry Reviewers by our customers

  • They are language experts, highly knowledgeable about the domain and customer specific products, terminology, style… to review the localization quality.

At the beginning of the relationship, a good cooperation between translators, the Language Lead and the In Country Reviewer ensure the achievement of a good quality within a fast learning curve.

Language expert quality rating


WhP language expertise is extending beyond these language experts:

  • Thanks to its management of language experts, WhP can commit to language quality levels agreed upon with our customers
  • Most of our Project Managers are linguists, this allows them to deal with linguistic issues and language experts management beyond they day to day project coordination and reporting tasks.
  • We share this expertise with customers either through generic white papers(Arabic, …) or to specific localization analysis ( add a new language, language variants… [/checklist]


language expert quality service level