Through its modular, progressive range of consultancy services, WhP helps companies to optimize their multilingual content management by enabling them to achieve significant improvements in productivity and profitability.

Why global content management consultancy?

Having worked in localization since 1994 with clients from all backgrounds, WhP noticed that many companies were struggling to master the ins and outs of linguistic engineering, which would enable them to avoid common and repeated mistakes, cut costs and save time.

To stay competitive and conquer new markets, every company should have the ability be rapidly able to create and distribute high-quality content in a variety of languages and formats (user manuals, software, training manuals, websites, marketing brochures, eLearning modules, etc).

Yet traditional information processing generates duplicate processes and many updates. The publication stages in a company are often what delays product launches. Under pressure, companies find themselves having to publish substandard or even out-of-date content, leading to a drop in customer satisfaction and the loss of market opportunities.

Our vision of the task

Good localization processes on their own are now no longer enough. Content that is better conceived at source automatically leads to better quality translations and significantly reduces the production time of each additional language. That is why our consultancy applies to both content management and localization. It is by looking at these activities together that companies can achieve really effective, measurable optimization.

Aware that there is no ‘magic formula’ that works the same way for each company (since every company is unique), WhP guarantees a consultancy approach that takes account of the internal and external organization of the company, its culture and geographical distribution, as well as its statutory obligations and development strategy.

Global Content Management-task vision


A proven methodology

WhP proposes the following methodology to companies:

Global Content Management -whp
  • Raising awareness: through a detailed presentation, our clients can begin to understand the challenges of global content management and the changes necessary.
  • Audit and recommendations: we analyze the company’s practices in terms of content creation and re-use, translation management and centralization, etc. and give recommendations and an estimate of the expected gains.
  • Accompaniment: we help to implement the changes necessary to give a company a highly effective work organization (content creation, translation, validation, management and distribution).
  • Contracting assistance: we ensure the technical solution proposed is the most suitable for all needs.

A relationship of trust contributing to your international success

Our proven expertise in localization and content management, and our independence (WhP is neither a manufacturer nor an installer of tools, which gives us strong credibility on the consultancy market in this field) mean we can guarantee a high-quality service and a long-term relationship of trust.

We help you to optimize the processes at each stage in the production and publication of electronic content in a global context, enabling you to:

  • cut production times by rationalizing the authoring, translation, distribution and management processes,
  • increase the efficiency and satisfaction of your in-house staff,
  • reduce the time-to-market of your products,
  •  remain compliant with current standards,
  •  increase customer satisfaction,
  • cut your direct and hidden costs.

Allowing WhP to help you build a bridge between your commercial activities and the multilingual content that accompanies them is an essential step towards adapting your communication strategy to the specific features and demands of international markets. Our expertise and flexible approach will help you to strengthen your presence in the world.

For more information, you can request our white paper on Global Content Management.