Advanced expertise in Localization Engineering is probably the main difference between translation agencies and WhP, a turnkey localization vendor. Localization Engineers cover a multitude of technical tasks needed to analyze, extract and prepare your content for translation and post-process it back in its original format. Efficient Localization Engineering guarantees a smooth localization cycle without unknowns and high quality of the final delivery of your product, ready for international release or publication.

Localization Engineering role

Localization engineers are seldom in direct contact with customers and are not involved in all localization steps but they play a key role to support our Operations Managers and Project Managers on technically complex localization projects. Their main contributions are in:

  • The Localization Analysis phase: Engineers analyze files received, understand the development environment and customer’s expectations to provide all the information needed for project planning and budget estimation. Optimum process and tools to be used for an efficient and effective localization cycle are discussed with the Operations Manager and the Project Manager in charge at this stage.
  • The Translation Kit preparation: WhP Project Managers are autonomous on most projects. However, on complex ones Engineers extract the content for translation and prepare the Translation Environment. Conscious that the translator should have nothing else to focus on than purely linguistic work, tags are parsed and clear instructions are provided.
  • The Post-Processing or Building phase: Engineers post-process translated files and build localized products for testing. Bug fixing will follow until the build is ready for final delivery and release.

In WhP, Project Managers have experience of hands-on engineering tasks, they are familiar with products, file formats and the tools to be used during the localization cycle in order to have a full understanding and ownership of projects they are responsible for. WhP Localization Engineers department main objective is to offer support and automate tasks by creating batches or specific tools.

Files for Localization Engineering

WhP Localization Engineering department has a solution to process any sort of file: binary files, structured file formats, graphics and multimedia content including audio, video and related applications.

Efficient Localization Engineering

Our constant technology watch looking at GMS, CMS, CAT tools, Machine Translation and QA tools means that WhP’s Localization Engineering department is aware of existing technology, the benefit they offer and limitations they have. WhP has not developed internal solutions to avoid locking customers into systems and remain totally unbiased when prescribing optimum processes and tools. In this context, recommendations made by the WhP’s team are truly effective and match perfectly our customers’ needs.