Project Management is key in conducting successful localization projects. It is therefore essential to trust your projects to experienced Project Managers with hands-on expertise, an understanding of your needs and the ability to commit.

WhP Project Management team members meet these criteria; they have a wide range of skills: linguistic, organizational, financial and technical. Project Managers also get frequent training, are autonomous and empowered to take the decisions needed to achieve their customer’s objectives. Once assigned to a customer account, WhP Project Managers are the primary contact for all future projects. They are responsible for the day-to-day management of resources, timelines and budgets, the quality of the deliverables, and all project-related communication with the internal and external project teams.

Customers mainly notice direct communication as WhP Project Managers:

  • prepare the quote in accordance with their customer master agreement and specific requirements, clarify the quote and discuss details until approval to proceed is obtained
  • create and maintain a Project Plan or schedule describing the major components and phases, distribute updated versions weekly to track task assignments and milestones percentage completed
  • prepare weekly status reports including a description of issues that might present a risk and the recommended solution(s)
  • host a weekly status call with customers to review the status report and discuss issues, if any
  • when needed, assemble all appropriate team members for a status meeting via a phone/web conference to discuss specific issues
  • organize the linguistic review process involving the customer in-country reviewers and subject matter experts, if any
  • ensure the project delivery and collect any feed-back on the project
  • prepare and send invoices
  • organize the Quarterly Business Reviews with the customers to report on the quarterly performance , KPIs and improvement plans
  • support their customer in any process change to improve quality, cost and customer satisfaction
  • support the customer satisfaction survey run twice a year.

WhP Project Management team members are, however, also in charge of a multitude of other Project Management-related tasks customers might not perceive on day to day communication. They have hands-on most project related tasks to have a complete understanding of the content being processed and gain full ownership of their customer account.


  • receive, check and analyze all files coming from their customer
  • manage all jobs of the projects through WhP’s Internal Project Management System and ERP
  • handle all communications between their customer and WhP external and internal resources, and escalate any issues appropriately to the Operations Manager
  • manage the necessary resources either human resources (translators, DTP specialists, localization engineers, multimedia engineers, etc.) or IT resources (computers, software licenses, communication channels…)
  • plan all technical and/or financial tasks
  • ensure the proper training of the team on process and instruction as well as on their customer’s business type and product
  • prepare and distribute the Translation Kit to the translators (instructions, style guide, translation memories, glossaries…)
  • receive the translated files and check their compliance with instructions and guidelines
  • prepare the post-translation process (post-editing, DTP, proof-reading, audio engineering, testing, etc. ) as necessary
  • assess the rating of all project resources (according to three criteria: task quality, service quality, adherence to deadlines)
  • perform a final check and validating deliveries to the customer

With all these tasks being handled by WhP’s Project Management team members, customers have little else to do than validate project plans, participate in status meetings, respond promptly to questions that affect the project and when possible assign in-country reviewers to validate the quality of WhP’s deliveries.