In a localization project; WhP project managers and engineers assign translation jobs to a translator with detailed instructions, reference material, linguistic assets such as Translation memories and term bases.

Prior to this assignment, WhP makes sure the translator is an expert from the domain and is properly trained on the process and the content he will have to translate. When needed WhP organizes Knowledge transfer sessions.

However, despite all the preparation and expertise, the translator might be facing some issues due to:

  • source ambiguity
  • unknown terms, product names
  • process
  • etc.

Although his deep knowledge would allow him to make an educated guess, he is instructed by WhP to report this issue through a query to the project managers or the lead translator depending on the project organization.


WhP Project Manager:

  • filters and answers the query
  • forwards the question to the customer (either Subject Matter Expert if related to the source, Project Manager if related to the process, In Country Reviewer if related to the target language)
  • broadcasts the query and its answer to all concerned translators


The analysis of the queries, through quarterly reviews, might lead to corrective actions to prevent these issues to happen again:

  • process improvement:
  • complement to instructions, guide lines, reference material, style guide…
  • complement to source approval checklist

The query management effort on both sides quickly decreases all along the short learning curve following a major change:

  • new product localization
  • new process
  • etc.