Increase revenue by increasing your global market share, trust localization to a global expert

You might become a global market player or increase your global market share by selling your products worldwide. But making the step requires a lot of decisions:

  • Which product will you sell to which territory?
  • Do you sell directly, through resellers or licensee?
  • How do you control your brand image over all your markets, in multiple languages?
  •  How do you ensure best practices and best processes are shared among your global organization?

As your global localization partner, WhP can help you achieve excellence in your global reach by covering all your localization needs. Products will be labeled for specific markets, their user interface and related documentation or websites will be in the local language, terminology and style will be cared for on your behalf. While you focus on product development, sales and marketing, WhP takes away the hassle of managing multilingual content to give your products a local look and feel.