Find a localization vendor providing all the services you need to manage multilingual content and deliver multilingual products

Management best practices recommend focusing on core competencies and outsourcing other specific processes to specialized professionals while still keeping control of them.

With WhP as a partner your teams can be fully dedicated to marketing and selling your products without wasting time on the numerous competencies and tasks needed for localizing them:

  • selecting the right translators,
  • checking their competence, references and availability,
  • extracting the content to be localized and preparing it for translation,
  • having the content translated, then reviewed,
  • having audio recorded,
  •  having DTP done in a wide variety of tools,
  • ensuring SEO of your localized websites,
  • checking the overall quality of your localized products and contents,
  • controlling and reporting financial information related to localization,
  •  planning all these tasks and managing their daily progress with full accountability
  • and so on…

WhP masters all competencies needed to ensure your product is localized for your target markets within the shortest time to market, at the most competitive cost and following high quality standards. WhP also provides full transparency on processes implemented and technology used, on the progress of your projects and gives you full ownership on the assets to make sure you remain in control at all times.