Documentation Localization

In today’s global marketplace, all companies need to deliver documentation adapted to their local markets ranging from product manuals, web site content, training material, marketing documentation, parts or components catalogue… Localization is a service that converts all your documentation in ready-to-use local documentation including the adaptation of the content to the local regulations and usage and prepares the content to be delivered through any channel: printed, online on your web, electronic downloadable document…

A good localization quality offers increased revenue and greater market penetration for your products or services.

Since your company is reactive and flexible your localization process shall ensure that any change in the original content is updated quickly and for a low cost so that your overall multilingual content is always up to date.

With the boom in internet activity and international communication, the world is shrinking in size and some content is not designed from the very beginning to reach new markets.

There are some key considerations to keep in mind such as language direction right-to-left, multi-byte character set support. Different languages use different syntactic structures and expansions. We advise our clients to consider all aspects of localization at any moment in their content design and management process to ensure localization is properly integrated into their processes to deliver the highest quality at the optimal cost.