eLearning and Multimedia

If your company is looking to venture into new markets or needs to train or promote a product in new languages. If your company is looking for multi-talented localization specialists with real expertise in multimedia – especially eLearning modules? Then look no further. WhP is the partner for you: WhP is a specialist in localizing multimedia content and understanding the special conditions required for deploying content to new users and locations. No project is too big or small. Our dedicated and professional individuals can deal with your multimedia content in multiple languages.

By multimedia we mean video, audio, animations or other material produced by an ever-increasing number of providers in a rapidly developing market.

Our experienced engineers, artists and producers are the people you need to transform your media into new languages.

Our multimedia localization skills combined with an outstanding experience of localizing classroom courses and mastery of specific tools and technologies makes WhP the ideal partner to completely outsource your multilingual eLearning creations.