Global Content Management

These days international companies have to ensure the content of their products, services and communication is created and translated appropriately for their business.

Speed is the key to success when responding to market trends, but it is also a real challenge. With more products, versions and options, making the number of people involved, countries and languages more complex, how can you be sure of maintaining the same time-to-market for your products?

Many people in a company face this challenge: authors, engineers, marketing and communication departments, production and localization managers, etc. They all have to cope on a daily basis with many non-centralized tasks which, once optimized, will noticeably improve the time and ease with which they can do the job.

You may also be wanting to know how to produce more content on the same budget while streamlining processes and improving quality (authoring, translation, distribution and management).

Some companies have already introduced efficient solutions that put them ahead of the competition internationally. However, most are still seeking optimization because the potential for competitiveness in this field is so great.

To help you make this change, this White Paper looks at tricky areas of multilingual content management and the solutions for dealing with them.