Machine Translation

The global economy and digital revolution both contribute to generating a significant and ever-increasing flow of information worldwide. Today, over one and a half billion people in the world create and manage online content in documents, websites, presentations and collaborative working environments, etc.

To win over new markets, organizations must be able to translate this content in order to:

  • Reach out to customers in their mother tongue
  • Quickly access and understand a certain amount of important information in other languages in order to make strategic decisions
  • Enable the sharing of information between corporate employees and the rising number of corporate-related communities

Multilingual communication plays a vital role in economic success and in the uninterrupted flow of information between businesses. Nevertheless, language remains a major obstacle for many corporations because the volume of information generated by their needs overwhelmingly exceeds human translation limits in terms of deadline, cost and linguistic availability.

To manage this new demand, WhP offers a solution that is comprehensive, flexible, innovative, profitable, rapid and reliable; a solution that surpasses the inadequate results provided by free but non-customizable online translation engines. It implements the best processes and technologies enabling organizations to attain their multilingual objectives while cutting costs and shortening deadlines significantly. Thanks to the scalability of its solution, WhP offers the linguistic expertise of human translation combined with machine translation for a result that is perfectly adapted to each company’s requirements while assisting businesses in change management.

In point of fact, the development of machine translation has been accelerating for the past two years and hybrid technology has emerged as a decisive player. Today, 15% of international organizations use machine translation and 50% state that they see a need to do so in the near future.

WhP has taken advantage of this success to team up with the world leader in hybrid machine translation in order to propose a scalable translation model. The aim is to address a complex issue characterized by:

  • Budget constraints
  • Massive volumes of information
  • Quick access to strategic information required
  • Scarcity of specialized and experienced linguists
  •  Real-time results expected by users of new technologies

This solution enables companies to manage translation as a profitable investment (rather than an expense) that can be fully integrated into their global business communication strategy and contribute directly to their growth.